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The Cross Stitcher | Cover: Mrs. Claus Stocking
Cover: Mrs. Claus Stocking
PublisherAmos Craft Publishing
Publication MonthAug
Publication Year2008
15 Patterns
1928 Reproduction Sampler
Designed by Margaret Geaslen Kohl
109w x 143h
A Trio of Angels - Harmony
Designed by Lynda Orme
94w x 168h
Bee Happy
Designed by Janis Lockhart
102w x 120h
Dog Lovers
Designed by The DMC Corporation
159w x 95h
Garden Ladybug
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
76w x 83h
Homegrown Melons
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
58w x 78h
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
196w x 171h
Mrs. Claus Stocking
Designed by Joan Elliott
161w x 314h
Poppy & Butterfly
Designed by Charles Craft, Inc.
154w x 40h
Red, White, Blue
Designed by Lynda Orme
127w x 94h
Rose and Butterfly
Designed by Charles Craft, Inc.
163w x 40h
Safe Harbors Bookmark
Designed by Melinda Medeiros
34w x 88h
Trust n The Living
Designed by Joan Green
97w x 69h
Designed by Cindy Morrill
70w x 62h
Welcome in Bloom
Designed by Jennifer Rodriguez
94w x 82h