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The Cross Stitcher | Cover: Wild Life Series - Out on a Limb
Cover: Wild Life Series - Out on a Limb
PublisherAmos Craft Publishing
Publication MonthOct
Publication Year1991
19 Patterns
Angel With Star
37w x 71h
Bridesmaid Bouquet Afghan - Bouquet
Designed by Sally Rung
102w x 59h
Bridesmaid Bouquet Afghan - Bow
Designed by Sally Rung
102w x 36h
Designed by Carolin Lowy
99w x 68h
Floral Alphabet
Designed by Lois Winston
20w x 15h
Floral Breadcloth
Designed by Lois Winston
51w x 24h
Floral Tablecloth
Designed by Rosemary Drysdale
46w x 43h
Humpty Dumpty
27w x 29h
Landmark Series - The White House
Designed by Carolin Lowy
95w x 74h
Little Angel With Package
36w x 43h
Oak Trees
Designed by Clancy Barlow
91w x 63h
Southwestern Pots
Designed by Sudberry House
71w x 69h
Southwestern With Adobe
Designed by Sudberry House
70w x 71h
Designed by Susan Bates
74w x 77h
Thanksgiving Sampler
Designed by Darla Fanton
31w x 41h
The Lord Bookmark
32w x 95h
The Lord is My Shepherd
Designed by Lois Winston
70w x 108h
Tray Series - Winter
Designed by Ursula Michael
100w x 61h
Wild Life Series - Out on a Limb
Designed by Conn Baker Gibney
191w x 154h