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Back Leaflet The Duck Pond Book 10
The Duck Pond Book 10 | Cover: Variety of Mallards
Cover: Variety of Mallards
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PublisherCountry Cross Stitch, Inc.
Publication Year1982
DesignerJoyce Bailey
20 Patterns
American Goldeneye
62w x 94h
American Widgeon
82w x 52h
Blue Winged Teal
77w x 72h
Blue Winged Teal Rising
50w x 45h
83w x 52h
Cinnamon Teal
43w x 40h
Green Winged Teal in Flight
80w x 75h
Green Winged Teal in Water
97w x 58h
Harlequin Ducks
69w x 54h
Hooded Merganser
73w x 60h
Hunting Companions
139w x 76h
Mallard Hen
86w x 62h
Mallard in Flight
27w x 22h
Mallards Feeding
69w x 43h
Pintail Drake
87w x 38h
Pintail in Flight
45w x 42h
58w x 49h
Ruddy Duck
63w x 37h
59w x 38h
34w x 36h