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Back Leaflet The OmniBook for Bed & Bath
The OmniBook for Bed & Bath | Cover: Various Designs for Bed and Bath
Cover: Various Designs for Bed and Bath
Leaflet Number803
PublisherJeanette Crews Designs, Inc.
DesignerThe Design Connection, Inc.
105 Patterns
Additions - His
33w x 17h
Tissue Box Cover - Fish
33w x 36h
Tissue Box Cover - Pansies
28w x 38h
Tissue Box Cover - Shell
26w x 43h
Additions - Hers
36w x 17h
19w x 16h
Bath in Progress #1
120w x 88h
Bath in Progress #2
56w x 84h
Bath Mug - Brush
52w x 30h
Bath Mug - Butterflies
112w x 30h
Bath Mug - Cat
116w x 27h
Bath Mug - Dog
117w x 29h
Bath Mug - Fish
126w x 30h
Bath Mug - Flower
135w x 34h
Bath Mug - Motif
56w x 33h
Bath Mug - Night Cap
70w x 29h
Bath Mug - Quilt
124w x 34h
Bath Mug - Tooth or Consequence
44w x 26h
Clean Towels
133w x 29h
Country Keepers - Bath Time
32w x 29h
Country Keepers - Bubble Bath
39w x 39h
Country Keepers - Rose
31w x 30h
Country Keepers - Tulips
30w x 30h
Danger Signs - Danger Hazardous Waster
100w x 71h
Danger Signs - High Decibel Levels
100w x 71h
Danger Signs - High Explosive Area
100w x 71h
Danger Signs - How's My Attitude?
97w x 65h
Danger Signs - Rebellion in Progress
100w x 71h
Doily - Rosebud
112w x 122h
Door Hanger - Do Not Enter
46w x 115h
Door Hanger - Welcome to the Zoo
46w x 115h
Fish & Guests
126w x 98h
Frames - Fish
59w x 73h
Frames - Floral
52w x 68h
Go Away
87w x 117h
Guests & Quilts
140w x 112h
56w x 56h
Lace Towel #2
142w x 30h
Large Additions - Loose Change
67w x 64h
Larger Fish Towel
136w x 30h
Le John
56w x 56h
Let's Potty
56w x 84h
Mi Casa
112w x 128h
Musical Sheets
276w x 56h
73w x 75h
Pillowcase - Paisley
238w x 56h
Pillowcase - Striped
38w x 59h
30w x 59h
Round Pillow
110w x 110h
Sachet Bag - Bird Wreath
40w x 39h
Sachet Bag - Blue Flowers
40w x 19h
Sachet Bag - Nosegay on White
21w x 39h
Sachet Bag - Pansies
50w x 30h
Sachet Bag - Rose on a Peach
40w x 38h
251w x 51h
Small Additions - Anchor
26w x 36h
Small Additions - Ballet Slipper
14w x 36h
Small Additions - Bird
27w x 51h
Small Additions - Butterflies
24w x 26h
Small Additions - Garnet Lace
36w x 48h
Small Additions - His
33w x 17h
Small Additions - Jade Lace
27w x 42h
Small Additions - Music Note
26w x 32h
Small Additions - Pansy
28w x 36h
Small Additions - Parrot
25w x 40h
Small Additions - Shell
16w x 39h
Small Additions - Star
30w x 34h
Small Additions - Swans
42w x 22h
Small Additions #1-#7
16w x 39h
Small Fish Towel
92w x 24h
Soap Basket
109w x 28h
Southwest Towel
112w x 29h
Square Pillow
128w x 128h
Sun & Moon Afghan
42w x 42h
Sun, Moon, & Stars
244w x 54h
Swans Afghan
127w x 143h
Sweet Dreams
98w x 70h
Towels - Butterflies
112w x 30h
Towels - Crown
44w x 41h
Towels - Fish
136w x 30h
Towels - Floral
272w x 42h
Towels - Lace
140w x 30h
Towels - Music Notes
140w x 30h
Towels - Music Notes
140w x 32h
Towels - Pansies 1
142w x 30h
Towels - Pansies 2
144w x 30h
Towels - Pansies 3
146w x 30h
Towels - Parrot
110w x 30h
Towels - Penguin
130w x 30h
Towels - Roses 1
146w x 30h
Towels - Roses 2
144w x 30h
Towels - Roses 3
146w x 30h
Towels - Roses 4
146w x 30h
Towels - Seashell
82w x 30h
Towels - Southwest
112w x 29h
Towels - Swans
140w x 23h
Towels - Toucans
142w x 30h
Treble Clef Switchplate
45w x 67h
Tulip Bath Ensemble - Bath Towel
277w x 42h
Tulip Bath Ensemble - Fingertip Towel
131w x 28h
Tulip Bath Ensemble - Hand Towel
163w x 35h
Tulip Bath Ensemble - Wash Cloth
131w x 22h
Vanity Set - Large Rose
44w x 100h
Vanity Set - Small Rose
31w x 62h
Welcome to Our Home
163w x 122h