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The World of Cross Stitching | Cover: Sarah Kay
Cover: Sarah Kay
PublisherImmediate Media Company Bristol Limited
Publication MonthJan
Publication Year2008
17 Patterns
All Our Yesterdays - Boat Race
Designed by Faye Whittaker
169w x 214h
Designed by Jennifer Barton
36w x 23h
Cocktail Cards - Bold Gin Sling
Designed by Maria Diaz
54w x 84h
Cocktail Cards - Decadent Daiquiri
Designed by Maria Diaz
56w x 85h
Cocktail Cards - Modest Mimosa
Designed by Maria Diaz
54w x 86h
Cocktail Cards - Seductive Pina Colada
Designed by Maria Diaz
56w x 86h
Fairy Alphabet
Designed by Joan Elliott
26w x 25h
Ford Car
Designed by Joanne Sanderson
154w x 97h
Designed by Susan Bates
90w x 120h
Kind Hearts Sampler
Designed by Helen Philipps
60w x 165h
Designed by Jennifer Barton
27w x 31h
Peacock Lady
Designed by Joan Elliott
100w x 140h
Designed by Deborah Flynn
58w x 78h
Queen Mary
Designed by Heritage Crafts
108w x 162h
Rural Scene
Designed by Lesley Teare
61w x 93h
Sarah Kay
Designed by The DMC Corporation
77w x 134h
V E Day Motifs
Designed by Jennifer Barton
15w x 14h