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SourceCross Stitch Magazine Database
PublisherImmediate Media Company Bristol Limited
Publication MonthSep
Publication Year2002
9 Patterns
Apple Picking Gifts
Designed by Lesley Teare
Description: Two girls picking from an apple tree. Has verse at bottom that says "Apple for you, apple for me, I picked them off Grandpa's tree."
109w x 136h
French Village
Designed by Carol Thornton
Description: French village in pastel colors.
128w x 128h
Guide Dog
Designed by Heritage Stitchcraft
Description: Small golden lab puppy.
69w x 75h
Hanover Lady
Designed by Sue Page
Description: Bejewelled lady in costume gown of golds with purple outer covering - "lady would have lived in the court of Hanover, a kingdom in it's own right before it became part of Prussia (Germany)"
117w x 117h
Harvest Alphabet
Designed by Maria Diaz
Description: Alpabet with poppy flowers and ears of corn.
Jungle Animal Cards
Designed by Matt O'Donnell
Description: A collection of cards with jungle animals which include lions, rhino's, and apes.
Red Stag
Designed by Jayne Netley Mayhew
Description: Life-like portrait of deer. This design may appear in designer's book "Cross Stitch Animal Collection."
100w x 115h
School Motifs
Designed by Debra Page
Description: A collection of various school motifs.
Sweet Little Dipper
Designed by Unknown
Description: A small dalmation in this Disney 102 Dalmations design.
44w x 36h