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Treasures in Needlework | Cover: This Year's Tree
Cover: This Year's Tree
PublisherCraftways Corporation
Publication MonthSummer
Publication Year1993
6 Patterns
A Hardanger Wedding
Designed by Janice Love
Description: Wedding sampler (in pink on white) & ring pillow (in white on white).
A Lady's Evening Bag
Designed by Diane Brakefield
Description: Victorian flower motif to stitch on black evening bag. Co-designed by Carol Pladsen.
62w x 64h
Bouquet Garni Border
Designed by Barbara Sestok
Description: A border of bay, parsley, rosemary, and thyme.
123w x 19h
Herbs & Spces
Designed by Barbara Sestok
Description: A sampler of herbs and spices.
182w x 127h
Pincushions Aplenty
Designed by Laura Doyle
Description: Antique looking flower design, adapted both for cross-stitch or beading.
58w x 57h
This Year's Tree
Designed by Pamela Johnson
Description: A small Santa girl digging up a tiny Christmas tree in an open field of snow. She is accompanied by all her animal friends, including a rabbit, squirrel, cardinal, fox, raccoon and birds.
126w x 148h