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Back Leaflet Treasures of the Sea Booklet 3
Treasures of the Sea Booklet 3 | Cover: Various Seashells
Cover: Various Seashells
PublisherJeanette Crews Designs, Inc.
DesignerJeanette Crews Designs, Inc.
11 Patterns
Atlantic Blue Crab
65w x 57h
Brown Pelican
41w x 77h
Chambered Nautilus Shell
86w x 62h
Episcopal Mitre Shell
71w x 23h
Herring Gull
84w x 68h
Marlinspike Auger Shell
97w x 25h
63w x 56h
Tiger Shell
86w x 62h
Triton Shell
98w x 41h
Variable Conch Shell
59w x 85h
Venus Comb Murex Shell
60w x 88h