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Back Magazine UK Quick & Easy Cross Stitch
SourceCross Stitch Magazine Database
PublisherFuture Publishing, Ltd.
Publication MonthMay
Publication Year2004
15 Patterns
Angels with An Attitude
Designed by Maria Saunderson
Description: A set of angel designs with slogans, "angels have a day off", "angels have bad hair days", and "angels have hips".
31w x 71h
Brilliant Blooms
Designed by Unknown
Description: A variety of flower charts featuring love in a mist, poppy, geranium, lily, and pansy.
35w x 36h
Country Hideaway
Designed by Lesley Teare
Description: A quaint country cottage with a garden full of scented blooms. Also a small cottage chart for a key ring, and a welcoming doorway design, complete with black cat, to decorate an address book.
100w x 93h
Curl up with a Cushion
Designed by Joan Elliott
Description: Instructions and charts to make a matching pair of cushions, featuring cats, one smokey grey, one ginger.
65w x 65h
Days out at the Coast
Designed by Unknown
Description: Five harbourside scenes with colorful fishing boats.
25w x 30h
Fab Floral Buttons
Designed by Joanne Sanderson
Description: A simple bordered design of a flower arrangement in a vase, using floral buttons.
80w x 80h
Fresh Daisy Designs
Description: A delightful daisy sampler, plus two smaller designs for mounting on makeup and tote bags.
60w x 28h
Froggy Alphabet and Numbers
Designed by Karen Brittan
Description: A froggy alphabet which include numbers.
Glorious Garden Birds
Designed by Unknown
Description: A set of garden bird designs which include green finch, chaffinch, blue tit, and bullfinch.
47w x 52h
Here's a Cupful
Designed by Sarah Bengry
Description: Bubble the bear, hiding in a teacup full of flowers.
83w x 76h
Justin Timberlake
Designed by Jim Smeal
Description: Portrait of Justin Timberlake
100w x 153h
Potty for Teapots
Designed by Unknown
Description: Five pretty teapot designs.
25w x 30h
Small Noteblock
Designed by Kirstie McLeod
Description: A set of four motifs designed to fit mini noteblocks which include a pansy face, a red telephone, a quill and inkpot, and a blue striped pot of wooden utensils.
30w x 30h
Designed by Unknown
Description: A cute bear and bull design.
40w x 40h
The Main Attraction
Designed by Maria Diaz
Description: A main show jump picture, plus two smaller charts which include a portrait of girl and a horse, and a rosette badge.
100w x 120h