Stitching Tools

This section provides conversions for a variety of flosses and a Floss Conversion Calculator. Also, provides a Fabric Size Calculator and a Tuck Pillow Pattern Maker for your stitching needs.

 Floss Conversion Charts

Questions and discussions related to cross-stitching. Want to know how to get wrinkles out of Aida? This is where to ask.

 Floss Conversion Calculator

Handy tool that allows you to enter a list of Bucilla or Dimensions codes directly from a chart and find the corresponding DMC, Anchor, or J & P Coats floss codes and colors. Also allows conversions between the various manufacturer floss codes.

 Floss Checklist

Printable checklist for DMC, Anchor, J & P Coats, Dimensions, and Bucilla floss numbers. Also provides an Inventory option so you can enter and save how much floss you have on-hand!

 Fabric Size Calculator

Use this handy tool to not only determine the width and height of fabric required for a given pattern size but also to determine the best size frame and matte to use. Allows you to choose from a specific set of fabrics and mattes to view an actual or reduced sized view of the finished frame.

 Free Graph Paper

The Graph Paper page provides read-made graph or grid paper that you can print out for creating your own patterns by hand. If the default settings do not meet your needs, you can adjust the grid size, grid color, line widths, and paper size.

 Tuck Pillow Pattern Maker

The Tuck Pillow Pattern Maker allows you to create custom patterns for sewing a tuck pillow tailored to your cross stitched project. Just enter the size of your pattern and the tool will produce printable patterns that can be cut out and used to cut the material for your tuck pillow.