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Back Leaflet 50 Miniature Sayings Not Just Country
50 Miniature Sayings Not Just Country | Cover: Various Sayings, Poems & Verses
Cover: Various Sayings, Poems & Verses
PublisherBurdett Publications
Publication Year1984
DesignerDale Burdett
49 Patterns
A Sister Is Friend
51w x 52h
5w x 6h
38w x 37h
Babies Are for Hugging
34w x 63h
Baby's First Christmas
50w x 57h
Baby's Rattle Personalized
49w x 32h
Bears - Friendship
43w x 40h
Birds - Happiness
41w x 44h
Bless Our Home
37w x 44h
Candian Goose - Make Mine Country
50w x 56h
Chick - Personalized
60w x 35h
Chicken - Bless This Our Country Home
48w x 59h
Cross My Country Heart
58w x 54h
Daddy's Are Special with Mallards
50w x 55h
Enter with a Happy Heart
49w x 48h
For the Job - A Woman
42w x 41h
Fresh Eggs
39w x 39h
49w x 54h
Friendship Warms the Heart
43w x 37h
Geese - Country Guaranteed
46w x 53h
Geese - Pick Your Friends
54w x 49h
God - Created Mothers
54w x 55h
God Is Love
43w x 43h
God's Gift to Us
64w x 47h
Goose - Bless Your Country Heart
47w x 42h
Grow in Love
41w x 41h
Happy Birthday
48w x 33h
Home Is Best
64w x 34h
Home Is Memories
52w x 70h
Home Is Where the Heart Is
37w x 44h
Home Sweet Home
49w x 52h
If You Love Somethings
50w x 53h
Keep Your Temper
52w x 26h
Kiss the Cook
51w x 37h
Lady Bugs
59w x 42h
Life Is Fragile Handle with Prayer
43w x 43h
Love - Yesterday and Tomorrow
57w x 57h
Love God
40w x 60h
Love Is a Country Home
52w x 54h
38w x 53h
Mother Is Love
51w x 53h
Picnic Basket
50w x 52h
Rooster - I'm Allergic to Mornings
52w x 53h
48w x 47h
Teachers Are Special People
36w x 39h
Teddy Bear - Friends Are Forever
45w x 37h
Watermelon - Bless Our Country Home
36w x 38h
Welcome to Our Home
43w x 43h
Welcome to Our Neighborhood
58w x 43h