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Back Leaflet Baby's Best Bibs
Leaflet Number4839
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication Year2009
DesignerLinda Gillum
24 Patterns
Artist at Work
Description: Happy bear with food bowl on top of his head, splashes of baby food, and words.
118w x 29h
Baby Bottles
Description: Happy bear with four large baby bottles
95w x 28h
Carousel Horses
Description: Two carousel horses and your baby's name
127w x 31h
Diaper Pins
Description: Diaper pins: two hearts, rabbit, duck, bear
124w x 27h
Follow the Leader
Description: Happy cow, sheep, and pig with words.
129w x 30h
Give Thanks to God
Description: Baby rabbit looks up at a rainbow, cloud, and the emerging sun
96w x 30h
Grub's On
Description: Two country bears holding steaming bowls and words.
130w x 35h
Happy Fruit
Description: Smiling banana, apple, orange, cherries and grapes
106w x 30h
Happy Hippos
Description: Two dancing baby hippos and your baby's name
105w x 26h
Happy Puppies
Description: Two happy brown and white puppies, a pink heart and a row of dog bones
122w x 28h
Hug Me
Description: Tiger mom and cub with words.
99w x 30h
Hugs for Grandpa
Description: Bear with arms open wide and words.
105w x 30h
Hungry Rabbit
Description: White rabbit eating a large carrot
120w x 28h
I Like Cookies
Description: Baby teddy bear holding a giant cookie, hearts, and words.
117w x 25h
I Love My Grandma
Description: Heart with diaper pin and words.
112w x 24h
Lil Monster
Description: Waving dragon and words.
11w x 31h
Mmm Good!
Description: Baby mouse in bib with a hunk of cheese and words.
84w x 27h
Nighttime Teddy
Description: Bear in his nightshirt and nightcap playing with stars
107w x 28h
Noah's Ark
Description: Ark, animals, and fish
128w x 27h
Penguin Waiters
Description: Three happy penguin waiters with their serving trays
104w x 28h
Playful Bear
Description: Toddler bear in his sleeper plays with a string of pull-toy ducks
111w x 25h
Rainbow Unicorn
Description: Smiling white unicorn with rainbow
117w x 28h
Smiling Cats
Description: Three white smiling cats with ribbons around their necks and four small gray mice
120w x 27h
Yum Yum
Description: Happy bear holding a spoon with words.
102w x 28h