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Chocolate Lovers | Cover: Various Chocolate Sayings
Cover: Various Chocolate Sayings
Leaflet NumberDB-41
PublisherBurdett Publications
Publication Year1985
DesignerDale Burdett
19 Patterns
Chocolate Chips
77w x 75h
Chocolate First Aid #1
88w x 39h
Chocolate First Aid #2
28w x 15h
Chocolate First Aid #3
38w x 21h
Chocolate Kisses #1
63w x 40h
Chocolate Kisses #2
24w x 10h
Chocolate Kisses With Hearts
33w x 25h
Chocolate Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
101w x 56h
Chocolate Mousse
55w x 108h
Chocolate Nut
84w x 48h
Chocolate Sundae
73w x 73h
I Love Chocolate
93w x 28h
I'm a Chocoholic #1
98w x 28h
I'm a Chocoholic #2
25w x 9h
I'm a Chocolate Lover
33w x 20h
I'm Nuts About Chocolate
24w x 16h
Nuts About Chocolate
33w x 19h
You're The Sweetest #1
23w x 16h
You're The Sweetest #1
32w x 19h