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Back Leaflet Christmas Miniatures Country Puffs
Christmas Miniatures Country Puffs | Cover: Various Christmas Designs
Cover: Various Christmas Designs
Leaflet NumberDB-15
PublisherBurdett Publications
Publication Year1983
DesignerDale Burdett
23 Patterns
Antique Stove
64w x 47h
Basket of Apples With Christmas Tablecloth
62w x 66h
Bless Our House with Bow and Holly
55w x 53h
Calico Teddy Bear
35w x 29h
Christmas Calico Cat
47w x 35h
Christmas Candy with Holly
36w x 46h
Christmas Pineapple
58w x 38h
Country Goose
46w x 34h
Cross My Country Heart Poinsettia
40w x 64h
Decoy Duck
33w x 65h
Hen with Bonnet
47w x 42h
Home Sweet Country Home with Holly
61w x 46h
Home Sweet Home with Oil Lamp
40w x 60h
Homemade Bread
36w x 34h
Horse Head Hitching Post
49w x 37h
Horse Weathervane with Garland
40w x 60h
Rooster and Hen under Mistletoe
42w x 54h
Spice Box with Holly
45w x 58h
Teddy Bear with Package
32w x 36h
Teddy Bears under Mistletoe
38w x 42h
Train with with Christmas Ball
40w x 35h
Washboard with Daisies and Bow
53w x 35h
Welcome With Pine Branch
28w x 64h