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Cross Stitch & Country Crafts (now Cross Stitch & Needlework) | Cover: Easter Joys
Cover: Easter Joys
PublisherCraftways Corporation
Publication MonthMar/Apr
Publication Year1995
18 Patterns
Baskets That Cheer - Butterfly Basket
Designed by Lois Winston
35w x 30h
Baskets That Cheer - Scalloped Basket
Designed by Lois Winston
20w x 29h
Beaded Purse - Hearts of Pearls
Designed by Alice Okon
41w x 34h
Beaded Purse - Renissance Star
Designed by Alice Okon
47w x 35h
Birthday Jewelry Bags - August
Designed by Sue Cornelison
31w x 77h
Birthday Jewelry Bags - July
Designed by Sue Cornelison
40w x 81h
Birthday Jewelry Bags - June
Designed by Sue Cornelison
29w x 78h
Birthday Jewelry Bags - May
Designed by Sue Cornelison
38w x 77h
Easter Chick Egg
Designed by Caroline Karlsson
38w x 50h
Easter Joys
Designed by Barbara Sestok
145w x 120h
Egg Napkin Ring
Designed by Ursula Michael
24w x 31h
Galaxy Game Moon and Star
Designed by Karen Taylor
19w x 18h
Illuminated House Blessing
Designed by Patricia Andrle
135w x 190h
Imperial Rooster
Designed by Linda Gordanier Jary
110w x 137h
Lily Sampler
Designed by Donna Yuen
138w x 192h
My Heart Sings Sampler
Designed by Douglas Designs
128w x 151h
Snowman with Dog
Designed by Sharon Mann
42w x 54h
Snowman with Sled
Designed by Alice Okon
40w x 42h