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SourceCross Stitch Magazine Database
PublisherImmediate Media Company Bristol Limited
Publication Year2003
11 Patterns
Cat Sampler
Designed by Nancy Rossi
Description: Design with sampler collection of many different types of cats. Has the phrases "A house without a cat is not a home" and "Love me love my cat."
140w x 224h
Cheeky Chutney
Designed by The Wright Sisters
Description: A doodle like design of children, with colorful clothes and backstitch for the rest of the body.
50w x 50h
Garden Sampler
Designed by Helen Philipps
Description: Garden sampler with different garden motifs. Done in pastel pinks and yellow. Has a pink and white checkered border.
85w x 117h
Heart Jewelery
Designed by Sandy Orton
Description: A set of six small designs for pendants which include an angel and an Irish theme.
Hint of Summer
Designed by Barbara Baatz Hillman
Description: Two small designs finished as mini-cushions. One is a sunflower, the other has a row of three lighthouses and says "To the Beach".
81w x 71h
Mini Cottages
Designed by Michael Powell
70w x 70h
Nursery Quilt
Designed by Sam Hawkins
Description: A set of six squares for baby quilt. Squares each have the face of a young animal.
50w x 50h
On the Farm
Designed by Sandy Orton
Description: Many motifs about farms in this design that centers around the nursery rhyme "Old MacDonald had a Farm".
144w x 192h
Rose Alphabet
Designed by Nancy Rossi
Description: Alphabet letters. Each one has a rose.
106w x 134h
St. Clements House
Designed by Meg Evershed
Description: Three-dimensional cross-stitched house.1st in series of 3-D houses by designer.
136w x 66h
Strawberry Bag
Designed by Sam Hawkins
Description: A small bag with circle of strawberries.
57w x 54h