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SourceCross Stitch Magazine Database
PublisherImmediate Media Company Bristol Limited
Publication MonthJun/Jul
Publication Year2001
9 Patterns
Baby Motifs
Designed by Kooler Design Studio
Description: A collection of baby motifs which include bath time, stars, teddies, and suns.
Christmas Stocking
Designed by Linda Gillum
Description: Santa Claus with toys on a stocking.
153w x 223h
Crocus Panel
Designed by Thea Gouverneur
Description: Row of 7 crocus flowers.
295w x 73h
Iris Cushion
Designed by Jorja Hernandez
Description: Three colorful pink iris flowers.
126w x 129h
July 4th Carousel
Designed by Linda Gillum
Description: Carousel horse with July 4th theme.
155w x 165h
Designed by Jayne Netley Mayhew
Description: Portrait of a leopard.
140w x 160h
Mother Nature Sampler
Designed by Pamela Johnson
Description: Sampler with various natural elements such as birds, gardens, a house, a rainbow, a church and more.
168w x 222h
Owls at Dusk
Designed by Jill Gordon
Description: Two owls against the sunset.
122w x 123h
Strawberry Sampler
Designed by Helen Philipps
Description: Small sampler that says "Strawberries - the finest of fruits."
56w x 105h