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SourceCross Stitch Magazine Database
PublisherImmediate Media Company Bristol Limited
Publication MonthMar/Apr
Publication Year2002
8 Patterns
Blue China
Designed by Linda Gillum
Description: Blue china plates with fruits and flowers.
141w x 182h
Cat Cushion
Designed by Barbara Baatz Hillman
Description: Black & white cat amidst roses.
69w x 81h
Flower Portraits - Peony and Amenone
Designed by Thea Gouverneur
Description: A single portrait of a peony flower and single portrait of an anemone.
65w x 114h
Ribbons and Roses
Designed by Barbara Baatz Hillman
Description: Large red roses and fancy ribbons on black fabric.
184w x 130h
Spring Carousel
Designed by Linda Gillum
Description: Carousel horse with spring theme. Has motifs such as an Easter Bunny, ducks, eggs, etc.
160w x 166h
Sweet Sampler
Designed by Helen Philipps
Description: Recipe for pot pourri surrounded by a flower border.
82w x 103h
Table Linen
Designed by Kooler Design Studio
Description: Various motifs (flowers, butterflies, leaves) to stitch for a tablecloth and napkins.
Water's Edge
Designed by Jayne Netley Mayhew
Description: Row of ducks showing their winter plumage.
258w x 85h