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Cross Stitch Magazine | Cover: Easter Sampler
Cover: Easter Sampler
PublisherNeedlecraft Publishing Company
Publication MonthFeb/Mar
Publication Year1999
10 Patterns
Bear Hugs
Designed by Christine Hendricks
Description: Patchwork heart, stick-figure family, teddy bear, birdhouse, and words, What Makes a House a Home".
63w x 71h
Bouquet of Love
Designed by Mike Vickery
Description: Word Love with the letter O being a floral heart.
199w x 90h
Bunny Pillow
Designed by Barbara Smith
Description: Face of white rabbit surrounded by flowers
91w x 118h
Easter Sampler
Designed by Barbara Smith
Description: Yellow bunny cottage, picket fence, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny, Easter eggs, hearts, and alphabet letters
132w x 158h
Frozen Friend
Designed by Gina Graham
Description: Snowman holding a bag of birdseed with birds on his outstretched arm and words "Frozen Friends".
77w x 92h
Fruit of the Spirit
Designed by Thomas Reed
Description: Medley of fruit with words from scripture Gal. 5:22-23.
74w x 112h
Hearts Mended Here
Designed by Brandon Flynn
Description: A lady teddy bear sewing a broken heart with words, "Hearts Mended Here".
74w x 50h
Homespun Garden
Designed by Thomas Williams
Description: Garden shed with flower trellis, floral door wreath, sunflowers, wagon full of flowers, cat, and welcome sign
94w x 108h
Learn to Read Bookmark
Designed by Susan Stadler
Description: Paper-doll chain with words, Learn to Read, Read to Learn".
22w x 95h
Puppies Galore
Designed by Mike Vickery
Description: Word "puppies" surrounded by various puppies.
238w x 75h