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Cross Stitch Quick & Easy | Cover: Haunted House and Finger Puppets
Cover: Haunted House and Finger Puppets
PublisherCraftways Corporation
Publication MonthOct/Nov
Publication Year1990
16 Patterns
Bright Buccaneer
Designed by Beth McNeece
43w x 62h
Carousel Horse
Designed by Pamela Reimer
29w x 24h
Designed by Unknown
78w x 151h
Garland and Bow
Designed by Deborah Fox
55w x 30h
Glowing Ghost
Designed by Beth McNeece
48w x 59h
Haunted House
Designed by Beth McNeece
100w x 118h
Heart -Y Santa
Designed by Beth McNeece
63w x 56h
Ice Cream Fantasy
Designed by Diana Burditt
34w x 28h
Jack O Lantern
Designed by Beth McNeece
45w x 57h
Old World Santa
Designed by Dee Shafer
55w x 63h
Putting Up Preserves
Designed by Robin Clark
78w x 53h
Rose Accent
48w x 64h
Shining Sorceress
Designed by Beth McNeece
41w x 66h
Trellis Abloom
Designed by Unknown
47w x 45h
Victorian Row
Designed by Linda Gillum
130w x 56h
Woven Ribbons
Designed by Alida Macor
66w x 30h