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For Bunny Lovers | Cover: Various Bunny Designs
Cover: Various Bunny Designs
PublisherBurdett Publications
Publication Year1988
DesignerDale Burdett
19 Patterns
Bunnies with Balloons
176w x 68h
Bunnies with Heart
89w x 21h
Bunny Alphabet
178w x 38h
Bunny Doll
34w x 40h
Calico Bunny
81w x 56h
Country Bunnies
88w x 110h
Country Girls
104w x 84h
114w x 102h
Girl Bunny with Bunny Doll
60w x 72h
Girl Bunny with Goose
66w x 77h
Girl Bunny with Stuffed Teddy
63w x 71h
I Love Bunnies
63w x 92h
Little Girl Bunnies with Balloons
176w x 68h
Mini Bunny and Teddy
38w x 30h
Patchwork Bunny
87w x 83h
Soft Stuffed Bunny
76w x 85h
Teddy in Bear Costume
41w x 52h
Tender Moments
58w x 43h
Victorian Bunny
95w x 110h