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For The Love of Cross Stitch | Cover: Checking His List
Cover: Checking His List
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication MonthJan
Publication Year1998
14 Patterns
Checking His List
Designed by Shirley Wilson
99w x 120h
Christmas Sampler
Designed by Penny Duff
46w x 95h
Earth Angels
Designed by Sandi Gore Evans
50w x 127h
Festive Faces Ornaments - Gift Bag
Designed by Jamie Leigh
26w x 38h
Festive Faces Ornaments - Hobby Horse
Designed by Jamie Leigh
49w x 46h
Festive Faces Ornaments - Santa
Designed by Jamie Leigh
46w x 35h
Festive Faces Ornaments - Stocking
Designed by Jamie Leigh
35w x 34h
Gingerbread Celebration
Designed by Deborah Lambein
55w x 47h
Home Sweet Home
Designed by Sandy Orton
165w x 67h
Kitchen Patchwork
Designed by Jamie Leigh
139w x 47h
Lamb of God
105w x 62h
Designed by Deborah Lambein
64w x 22h
Prayerful Page Keeper
Designed by Terrie Lee Steinmeyer
22w x 102h
Rooftop Arrival Stocking
Designed by Anne Wilson Stanton
64w x 102h