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It's a Baby | Cover: Various Baby Teddy Bears
Cover: Various Baby Teddy Bears
PublisherBurdett Publications
Publication Year1984
DesignerDale Burdett
16 Patterns
Babies Are for Hugging
78w x 95h
Bath Time
52w x 47h
Birth Sampler
113w x 155h
Can We Talk?
70w x 36h
Gimme a Kiss
47w x 34h
Nap Time
75w x 32h
New Kid on the Block
81w x 77h
Teddies' Playtime
100w x 100h
Teddy and Bunny with Flowers
70w x 37h
Teddy Cilmbing on Goose
49w x 36h
Teddy Hugging Goose
70w x 37h
Teddy Pyramid
86w x 90h
Teddy Riding Goose
49w x 45h
Teddy with Rocking Horse
73w x 37h
Teddy's Special Friends
65w x 49h
Teddy's Toy Box
84w x 35h