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Just Cross Stitch - Christmas Ornaments | Cover: Various Christmas Ornaments
Cover: Various Christmas Ornaments
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication Year2005
75 Patterns
A Christmas Blessing
Designed by Lynda Watkins
54w x 59h
A Christmas Present 2005
Designed by Lauren Sauer
62w x 62h
A Little Gift
Designed by Cynthia Daly Bradford
47w x 70h
A Quaker Scissors Sheath
Designed by Ellen Chester
35w x 57h
A York Christmas
Designed by Kathy Barrick-Dieter
67w x 52h
Art Deco Frame
Designed by Julia Lucas
44w x 56h
As Bethlehem Slept
Designed by Shepherd's Bush
40w x 41h
Blackwork Christmas Rose
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
64w x 64h
Britty Christmas Kitty
Designed by Michelle Lash
50w x 48h
Candy Stitck Noel
Designed by Sue Hillis Designs
42w x 45h
Christmas Cone
Designed by Wendy White
39w x 52h
Christmas Heart
Designed by Lori Markovic
51w x 68h
Christmas Memories
Designed by Pam Reed
42w x 15h
Christmas Ornament 2005
Designed by Bobbie Marek
44w x 51h
Christmas Penny Bag
Designed by Charland Garvin
33w x 33h
Christmas Pinkeep
Designed by Praiseworthy Stitches
67w x 67h
Christmas Tree
Designed by Judith Tuttle
53w x 63h
Christmas Tree
Designed by Elizabeth Foster
26w x 31h
Decked Out for Christmas
49w x 49h
Feathered Friends Santa
Designed by Pat Thode
68w x 69h
Finnish Elf Girl
Designed by Lynda Baldauf
21w x 65h
For Mr. C
Designed by Susan Greening Davis
36w x 65h
Gift to be Simple
Designed by Susan Ebright
41w x 47h
Give Love
Designed by Mary Riggs
67w x 65h
Glad Tidings Needlecase
Designed by Cissy Bailey Smith
92w x 99h
Golden Garland
Designed by Paw Printings
40w x 50h
Goodness & Light
Designed by Anita Boatwright
62w x 62h
Guardian Chessie
Designed by Linda Lautenschlager
58w x 46h
Holly N Hardanger
Designed by Sandra Cox Vanosdall
50w x 50h
Holly Noel
Designed by Sandra Sullivan
29w x 14h
Home for Christmas
Designed by Blackbird Designs
60w x 60h
Home for Christmas
Designed by Brightneedle Designs
55w x 54h
Home for the Holidays
Designed by Diane Williams
51w x 67h
Humour is a Virtue
Designed by Thea Dueck
40w x 40h
It's a Wonderful Life
Designed by Valerie Danish
69w x 65h
Joy Tree
Designed by Mary McLenon-Turley
74w x 98h
Jule Aften
Designed by Rae Iverson
70w x 70h
Love Christmas Ornament
Designed by Jeanette Douglas
25w x 46h
Love Note Angel
42w x 55h
Merry Yule
Designed by Linda Stoltz
47w x 40h
Molly to the Rescue
Designed by Mosey N Me
32w x 50h
My Christmas Pear
Designed by Tracy Rifle
35w x 48h
Natures Sings
Designed by Jane Timmers
59w x 63h
No "L"
70w x 70h
Designed by Nan Strange
76w x 76h
Designed by Prairie Moon
69w x 57h
Noel 2005
Designed by Patricia Bage
58w x 58h
Nordic Reflections
Designed by Roz Watnemo
40w x 40h
O Christmas Tree
Designed by Jan Fate
63w x 78h
O Holy Night
Designed by Catherine Strickler
37w x 37h
On the First Day of Christmas
31w x 64h
Outside my Window
Designed by Diane Graebner
57w x 60h
Partridge and Pears 2005
Designed by Pamela Byrd Smith
47w x 47h
Paws Off
Designed by Jennifer Aikman-Smith
46w x 46h
Peace in the World
Designed by Charlotte Smyth
62w x 63h
Peace on Earth
Designed by Nancy Sturgeon
55w x 70h
Pierre Noel
Designed by Jeanette Barney Rees
58w x 62h
Designed by Tricia Wilson Nguyen
41w x 51h
Poinsettia Pocket
Designed by Rebecca Dorrie
39w x 39h
Red Hat Snowlady
Designed by The Stitchworks, Ltd.
32w x 31h
Designed by The Workbasket
69w x 63h
Designed by Diane Arthurs
50w x 60h
Santa & Friend
Designed by Meg Thompson Shinall
54w x 50h
Santa Lucia
Designed by Mary Ann Mongillo
27w x 61h
Scot's Bonnet
Designed by Debbie Rowley
43w x 69h
Seasons Greetings
Designed by Nancy Boyarsky
42w x 42h
Snowman Mitten
Designed by Ursula Michael
51w x 60h
Designed by Cindy Valentine
40w x 40h
Sweet Christmas
Designed by Linda Ebright
52w x 52h
The Gift of the Season
Designed by Catherine Burroughs
56w x 56h
The Stars are Brightly Shining
Designed by Patti Connor
66w x 65h
Trumpet the Good News
Designed by Carolyn Meacham
57w x 49h
Victorian Christmas Pin Bolster
Designed by Louise Henderson
59w x 70h
Wild Rose
36w x 36h
Winged Christmas Heart
Designed by Vicki Hastings
39w x 32h