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Just Cross Stitch - Christmas Ornaments | Cover: Various Christmas Ornaments
Cover: Various Christmas Ornaments
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PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication Year2012
76 Patterns
2012 Christmas
Designed by Lynda Keske
100w x 100h
3 French Hens
Designed by Elizabeth Gorski
53w x 70h
A Wiseman's Gift of Gold
Designed by Rae Iverson
64w x 64h
Believe & Receive
Designed by Cissy Bailey Smith
52w x 36h
Bird House in Winter
Designed by Diane Williams
49w x 49h
Candy Clause
38w x 54h
Candy Ribbon
Designed by Jackie Du Plessis
14w x 94h
Celic Christmas Ornament #4
Designed by Anita Boatwright
59w x 59h
Checkered Noel
Designed by Mary McLenon-Turley
44w x 44h
Christmas Cabin
Designed by Nicoletta Farrauto
64w x 71h
Christmas Colors
58w x 32h
Christmas Eve
Designed by Nancy Greenberg
40w x 69h
Christmas Gift Sock Hop
41w x 72h
Christmas Love
Designed by Lizzie Kate, Inc.
39w x 30h
Christmas Quaker Needlebook
Designed by Karen Kubla
30w x 30h
Christmas with Jane Austen
Designed by Tanya Marie Anderson
70w x 69h
Do You Here
Designed by Shepherd's Bush
41w x 41h
First Star
Designed by Charlotte Smyth
70w x 67h
Freshly Baked
Designed by Sue Hillis Designs
44w x 42h
Garden of Joy
Designed by Gunay Uyan
67w x 67h
Good Tidings and Great Joy
Designed by Paulette Stewart
64w x 66h
Happy Holidays
Designed by Nikki Leeman
67w x 54h
Hardanger Ornament
Designed by Roz Watnemo
38w x 62h
32w x 31h
His Gift
Designed by Debbie Booth
35w x 47h
Holy Cross
Designed by Tracy Horner
45w x 57h
Home for the Holidays
Designed by Louise Henderson
60w x 60h
Home Sweet Home Stocking
Designed by Judy Whitman
34w x 62h
I Believe in Santa
Designed by Isabella Abbiati
67w x 68h
Designed by Valerie Danish
35w x 41h
Joy & Love
Designed by Diane Arthurs
51w x 57h
Joy Ornament 2012
Designed by WDC Needlework Design
69w x 82h
Joy to the World
Designed by Casey Buonaugurio
60w x 52h
Joy to You 2012
Designed by Nancy Boyarsky
60w x 38h
Let It Snow
Designed by Jan Fate
70w x 64h
Lo, How a Rose
Designed by Jane Timmers
41w x 69h
Main Street Christmas
Designed by Julia Lucas
59w x 60h
Memeories Keep Christmas in Our Hearts
Designed by Susan Greening Davis
65w x 53h
Merry Christmas 2012
Designed by Thea Dueck
36w x 34h
Merry Moose Wishes
Designed by Kathy Hackford
64w x 64h
Designed by Susan Myers
52w x 55h
Noel Garland
Designed by Patricia Bage
67w x 53h
Designed by Jeanette Barney Rees
32w x 71h
Partridge in a Pear Tree
Designed by Pamela Byrd Smith
50w x 54h
Partridge in a Pear Tree
Designed by Gloria Moore
61w x 59h
Designed by Alma Allen
60w x 60h
Peace on Earth
Designed by Cheryl Granda
58w x 58h
Peace Pin Button 2012
Designed by Jeanette Douglas
27w x 27h
Plaid Noel
Designed by Debbie Rowley
48w x 49h
Please Christmas
66w x 69h
Pomegranate Joy
Designed by Sandra Sullivan
45w x 59h
Pyramid Christmas Tree
Designed by Pam Reed
28w x 23h
Quaker Darning Sock 2012
Designed by Fran Colburn
49w x 71h
Reindeer Santa
Designed by Pat Thode
57w x 64h
Designed by Tricia Wilson Nguyen
41w x 54h
Roaming Reindeer
Designed by Belinda Karls-Nace
39w x 66h
Santa's Hat Sampler
Designed by Jamie Kile
47w x 47h
Sant'as Helper
Designed by Mosey N Me
60w x 68h
Snow Furries
Designed by The Stitchworks, Ltd.
70w x 50h
Snow Pals
Designed by Praiseworthy Stitches
66w x 61h
Snowflake Mitten
Designed by Wendy White
33w x 52h
Designed by Elizabeth Foster
50w x 41h
Snowy Snowy Night
Designed by The Workbasket
57w x 70h
Star of the Magi
Designed by Deborah Dick
54w x 54h
Stitching for the Holidays
Designed by Charland Garvin
59w x 59h
Stocking of Love
Designed by Lori Markovic
63w x 69h
Sweet Hugs Ginberbread
Designed by Norma Flake
45w x 60h
The Emperor's Gift
46w x 111h
The Little House Mouse
Designed by Judith Tuttle
45w x 24h
The Wrapper
Designed by Lynda Watkins
57w x 56h
The Year of the Dragon
Designed by Jennifer Aikman-Smith
60w x 60h
Two Flakes in Love
Designed by Patti Connor
68w x 68h
Warm Wishes
Designed by Cynthia Daly Bradford
70w x 60h
Winter Fawn
Designed by Cathy Jean
33w x 32h
Winter Holiday
Designed by Elizabeth Talledo
42w x 34h
Yuletide Frost
Designed by Beth Ann Seal
39w x 39h