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Just Cross Stitch | Cover: Margaret Moffat 1896 Sampler
Cover: Margaret Moffat 1896 Sampler
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthAug
Publication Year2018
26 Patterns
A Fairy's Retreat Bookmark
Designed by Lee Fisher
22w x 73h
A Fairy's Retreat Picture
Designed by Lee Fisher
60w x 90h
Acorn Ornament
Designed by Kathleen Berlew
41w x 50h
Bunny Hop Baby
Designed by The DMC Corporation
28w x 11h
Cello Ornament
Designed by Kimberly Tyree
58w x 97h
Christmas Barn
Designed by Shelia Kelly
45w x 49h
Christmas Tree
Designed by Danielle Van Noy
38w x 38h
Dashing Through the Snow
Designed by Lucie Heaton
39w x 39h
Exotic Birds & Flowers
Designed by Mike Vickery
110w x 165h
Golden Bell
Designed by Janet Bryant - Groves
93w x 101h
Happy 4th of July
Designed by Natalia Luneva
173w x 87h
July Quilt
Designed by Jennifer Rodriguez
62w x 62h
Majestic Eagle & Flags
Designed by Mike Vickery
140w x 117h
Margaret moffat 1896 Sampler
Designed by Deborah Fasano
99w x 138h
Mini Bunny August
Designed by Eileen Gurak
59w x 39h
Mini Bunny July
Designed by Eileen Gurak
59w x 39h
Pansy Pincushion
Designed by Olesya Novozhilova
65w x 56h
Partridge & Pomegranates
Designed by Evdokia Nikolaeva
83w x 116h
Patriotic Knitter
Designed by Cassandra Cavalca
43w x 57h
Red Berry Wreath
Designed by Elizabeth Foster
39w x 39h
Snowflake Snowman
Designed by Praiseworthy Stitches
33w x 45h
Strawberry Sewing bag
Designed by Nicoletta Farrauto
83w x 92h
Summer Orchard
Designed by Elizabeth Almond
93w x 93h
Sunny Summer Garden
Designed by Carolyn Manning
163w x 163h
The Blue Flowers Sampler
Designed by Natalia Luneva
128w x 186h
Two Stars & a Stag
Designed by Belinda Karls-Nace
37w x 57h