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Just Cross Stitch | Cover: Various Ornaments
Cover: Various Ornaments
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication MonthJul/Aug
Publication Year2009
19 Patterns
A Spot of Christmas
Designed by Gloria Moore
47w x 47h
Alaskan Lighthouse
Designed by Julia Lucas
60w x 96h
Balloon Mitten
Designed by Carli DeFillo
46w x 61h
Christmas on a Stick
Designed by Prairie Moon
38w x 38h
Dec 25
Designed by Nancy Boyarsky
51w x 51h
Elf in the Box
Designed by Brooke Nolan
43w x 65h
Flowers within a Flower
Designed by Janelle Giese
74w x 74h
Italian Floral Tile
Designed by Marie Barber
99w x 99h
Joy of Christmas
Designed by Debbie Booth
69w x 60h
Kitchen Sampler
Designed by Catherine Strickler
64w x 157h
Lilies of the Field - Sampler Part II
Designed by Carol Emmer
215w x 272h
Noel Wreath
Designed by Karen Kluba
52w x 59h
Of Partridges and Pears
Designed by Tracy Horner
33w x 58h
Once Upon a Tree - Summer
Designed by Jeanette Douglas
51w x 185h
Designed by Amy Bruecken
22w x 25h
Peonies Pillow
168w x 168h
Spirit of America Angel
Designed by Brooke Nolan
67w x 107h
Trimming the Tree
Designed by Sharon Crescent
34w x 70h
US Emblems
Designed by Marie Barber
161w x 140h