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Back Leaflet Love Bears All Things
Leaflet NumberDB-38
PublisherBurdett Publications
Publication Year1984
DesignerDale Burdett
20 Patterns
Bear Hugs Are in
43w x 34h
Bear With Me
33w x 32h
Friends Are Forever
20w x 24h
Happiness Is Being Married to Your Best Friend
127w x 48h
33w x 32h
Love Bears All Things
278w x 82h
Love Bearth All Things
141w x 142h
Love Is a Happy Feeling
38w x 42h
Love Is Pulling Together
280w x 88h
Love Is to Share
33w x 32h
Love is Togetherness
45w x 34h
Love Makes Life More Bearable
74w x 102h
Love Puts Twinkle in Your Eye
145w x 76h
Love You
18w x 16h
The Heart of Friendship Is Love
106w x 62h
The Oldest Friendships
157w x 94h
This Bears My Love for You
58w x 31h
To Know You Is to Love You
43w x 42h
Too Much of a Good Thing
163w x 146h
You Are Special
24w x 23h