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Back Leaflet Love That Country Hopscotch
Love That Country Hopscotch | Cover: Various Country Designs
Cover: Various Country Designs
Leaflet NumberDB-24
PublisherBurdett Publications
Publication Year1984
DesignerDale Burdett
15 Patterns
Antique Toys
101w x 91h
Broken Star
72w x 72h
Carousel Horses
97w x 99h
Country Geese
93w x 92h
Country Geese Feeding
89w x 64h
Country Morning Rooster
101w x 95h
Decoy Ducks
100w x 99h
Ducks and Cattails
102w x 101h
Floral Border With Saying
91w x 91h
Fresh Eggs
95w x 77h
Gaggle of Geese
100w x 100h
Kitchen Scene
104w x 100h
99w x 99h
98w x 98h
Teddy Bear with Balloons
84w x 98h