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Make Every Day Special | Cover: Teatime Bouquet
Cover: Teatime Bouquet
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication MonthApr
Publication Year1995
11 Patterns
Fun Bookmarks - Bee
Designed by Ann Townsend
Description: Bee and tulips with words.
29w x 62h
Fun Bookmarks - Cat
Designed by Ann Townsend
Description: Cat peeking over the top with words.
30w x 62h
Fun Bookmarks - Hot Air Balloon
Designed by Ann Townsend
Description: Hot air balloon and words.
30w x 62h
Garage Sale Junkie
Designed by Karen Wood
Description: Three happy bears carrying off their garage-sale finds including an aluminum Christmas tree, lamp, toaster, and dishes
78w x 90h
Irish Coffee
Designed by Polly Carbonari
Description: Shamrocks, Irish coffee mug, and words.
80w x 90h
Kitty Cat Towel
Designed by Donna Kooler
Description: Three curious kitties
83w x 17h
Precious Bib
Designed by Diane Brakefield
Description: Pale blue flowery letters with delicate pink rosebuds spell Baby.
94w x 23h
Teatime Bouquet
Designed by Linda Gillum
Description: Teapot full of pink roses and a teacup
122w x 94h
The Gift of Love
Designed by Nancy Dockter
Description: Includes butterflies, flowers and verse.
117w x 148h
Tiny Easter Totes - Bunny
Designed by Ann Townsend
Description: Bunny face, Easter eggs, and words.
53w x 61h
Tiny Easter Totes - Easter Basket
Designed by Ann Townsend
Description: Easter basket, tulips, and chicks with words.
52w x 16h