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The Cross Stitcher | Cover: Beach Accessories
Cover: Beach Accessories
PublisherAmos Craft Publishing
Publication MonthAug
Publication Year1993
23 Patterns
Autumn Oriole
Description: Yellow and black oriole sitting on a branch.
59w x 57h
Beach Accessories
Designed by Unknown
Description: Colorful fish, seahorses, and starfish. Instructions given for beach bag, towel, stitch-a-cooler, and adult visor
90w x 40h
Beach Club
Designed by Liz Turner-Diehl
Description: Beach umbrella, waves, and words.
105w x 46h
Camille Claudel French Sampler
Designed by Tanya Marie Willis
Description: Elegant sampler includes flower urns, birds, leaves, flowers, word Souvenir at top, and words.
120w x 152h
Chinese Golden Pheasant
Designed by Conn Baker Gibney
Description: Exotic Chinese Golden Pheasant bird
98w x 196h
Christmas Tree Placemat
Designed by Rosemary Drysdale
Description: Christmas tree with gold garland
24w x 28h
Clown Name Badges
Designed by Claire Bryant
Description: Silly girl or boy clown with space for name. Each 36w x 36h
36w x 36h
Clown Placemat
Designed by Claire Bryant
Description: Circus clown in too-short overalls and holding a umbrella
48w x 111h
Duffel Bags - Boy
Designed by Lois Winston
Description: Football player teddy bear, baseball player teddy bear and words.
123w x 44h
Duffel Bags - Girl
Designed by Lois Winston
Description: Two girl teddy bears in exercise gear with words.
124w x 42h
Grandparents' Note Board
Designed by Lois Winston
Description: Blue flowers with words.
66w x 42h
Lazy Kitty
Designed by Mike Vickery
Description: Garden scene of a cat lying in a rocking chair
80w x 80h
Linen and Lace Sampler Bookmark
Designed by Tanya Marie Willis
Description: Traditional sampler includes ABC, date, and initials
25w x 57h
Longfellow Friendship Sampler
Description: Flowers with words.
65w x 90h
Love Thy Neighbor
Description: Oval design of small birds and flowers with words.
92w x 74h
My Ladies' Jewels
Designed by Barbara Christopher
Description: Alphabet letters made of jewels
120w x 134h
Noel Cheeseboard
Designed by Vanessa Steele
Description: Red ribbon and word Noel with the O being a wreath. A cute mouse is looking out from the wreath.
73w x 72h
Designed by Mary Bartley Stockett
Description: Beautiful white Pegasus horse flying over the clouds.
151w x 187h
Purple Heart Medal
Designed by Stewart Thompson
Description: Purple Heart medal
31w x 71h
Ringmaster Stitch-a-Cooler
Designed by Claire Bryant
Description: Circus ringmaster. Perfect for a mug
36w x 39h
Sunshine Sampler
Description: Rising sun, morning glories and words.
163w x 124h
Woodland Tray
Designed by Judith Chrispens
Description: Various woodland flowers, berries and leaves stitched on black Aida
131w x 130h
You Know It's Ready
Designed by Unknown
Description: Silly green frog holding a burning skillet with words.
120w x 87h