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Back Magazine The Stitchery Magazine (changed to Stitcher's World)
SourceCross Stitch Magazine Database
PublisherBayview Publishing, Inc.
Publication MonthSep
Publication Year1996
10 Patterns
Fancy Carousel Horse
Designed by Sandra Paradise
Description: Fanciful carousel horse design with ribbon embroidery, spider web roses, and satin stitches.
97w x 172h
Garden of Eden Needlepoint
Designed by Catherine Reurs
Description: Cross-stitch or Needlepoint. Colorful design of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.
201w x 201h
Lois Caron Needlepoint
Designed by Lois Caron
Description: Chyrsanthemum needlepoint design.
92w x 92h
Magnolia Window
Designed by Robert Jones
Description: Created to look as if etched in a stained glass window this design has magnolias and colorful irisis.
192w x 253h
Pillow of Grandeur
Designed by Linda Bird
Description: A color rich pillow design with gold medallion and lush gold tassel embellishments.
182w x 126h
Table Carpet with Unicorn
Designed by Erica Wilson
Description: A design of a unicorn amongst the forest. It is adapted from a Dutch table carpet.
195w x 196h
Designed by Linda Bird
124w x 124h
Tobacco Leaf Fan
Designed by Robert Jones
Description: This design is of a fan with the tobacco leaf pattern surrounded by a blue border.
154w x 120h
Two for Tea
Designed by Linda Bird
Description: Blue and white china teacups upon Battenburg doily backgrounds.
124w x 124h
United in Love Hardanger Church
Designed by Elizabeth Spurlock
Description: Hardanger accented church design marriage piece. Done in two layers and has a foreground of the church, and the hardanger background.
98w x 142h