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Back Magazine The World of Cross Stitching
SourceCross Stitch Magazine Database
PublisherImmediate Media Company Bristol Limited
Publication MonthJul
Publication Year2002
9 Patterns
Delftware Motifs
Designed by Lucie Heaton
Description: Simple motifs and patterns of traditional earthenware made at Delft in Holland. Motifs are of a windmill, a flower, a duck, and more.
47w x 37h
Design Collection - Fairies, Pixies & Elves
Designed by Sharon Welch
Description: A variety of small motifs of fairies, and elves, pixies.
Designed by Maria Diaz
Description: Design of a hummingbird collecting nectar from the petals of a flame red hibiscus.
133w x 162h
Paradise Island
Designed by Jill Gordon
Description: A colorful scene of sandy beach and blue water.
163w x 167h
Designed by Designer Stitches
Description: A small design of Winnie the Pooh character Piglet.
39w x 38h
Stitcher's Sayings
Designed by Maria Diaz
Description: Says "I love cooking with wine, sometimes I puit it in the food."
38w x 38h
Summer Cottage
Designed by Lesley Teare
Description: Summer cottage surrounded by vibrant flowers.
197w x 168h
Topiary Cards
Designed by Maria Diaz
Description: Four cards with topiary tree designs.
Tudor Lady
Designed by Sue Page
Description: Elegant lady from the Elizabethean courts dressed in robe of rich blue and gold. Third in designer's historical costume serires. Regency Lady is in Issue 55, Edwardian Lady is in issue 58.
96w x 165h