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To search for a specific code from either column, enter the code into the text box below and click the "Find Code" button. You can also search for a color by name. If a substitution is not known, NA will be displayed. If you know of any suitable substitutions or find any errors, please let me know.

Please note that these substitutions may not be an exact match. In some cases, multiple substitutions have been provided which are close.
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Design Works Crafts To DMC

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DesignWorks DMC Color*
black 310 #000000 black
blue 798 #3e5ea0 dk delft blue
brown 420 #9a7b33 dk hazelnut brown
dk brown 839 #6a4726 dk beige brown
dk green 700 #07711a bright green
dk rust 400 #8c410f dk mahogany
green 906 #89c53a md parrot green
grey 451 #7c696d dk shell gray
lt blue 827 #acd4e9 vy lt blue
lt brown 435 #a0743e vy lt brown
lt flesh 945 #ffc9ae tawny
lt green 907 #c6e560 lt parrot green
lt grey 453 #d1c3cf lt shell gray
lt orange 742 #ffbc50 lt tangerine
lt pink 3326 #f3949f lt rose
lt rust 922 #ec9163 lt copper
orange 971 #fa8500 pumpkin
orchid 3608 #e67dac vy lt plum
peach 353 #f2a898 peach
pink 899 #e2697b md rose
purple 553 #a16089 violet
red 350 #d64542 md coral
turquoise 807 #5f9ea5 peacock blue
white White #fafafa white
NA Not Available
* Color samples and names are for DMC floss.