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To search for a specific code from either column, enter the code into the text box below and click the "Find Code" button. You can also search for a color by name. If a substitution is not known, NA will be displayed. If you know of any suitable substitutions or find any errors, please let me know.

Please note that these substitutions may not be an exact match. In some cases, multiple substitutions have been provided which are close.
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Design Works Crafts To DMC

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DesignWorks DMC Color*
blue 826 #5785ad md blue
brown 869 #745e27 vy dk hazelnut brown
dk brown 898 #512d07 vy dk coffee brown
dk gold 680 #c8a027 dk old gold
dk peach 758 #eda394 vy lt terra cotta
dk red 498 #a4132b dk red
green 700 #07711a bright green
grey 415 #bfbfc3 pearl gray
lt gold 676 #eeca70 lt old gold
lt green 702 #46a42e kelly green
lt peach 948 #fddcc5 vy lt peach
lt red 351 #de605e coral
lt yellow 727 #f6e990 vy lt topaz
pale blue 162 #c7e2ef ul vy lt blue
peach 754 #f6c4b7 lt peach
red 349 #c72e33 dk coral
white White #fafafa white
yellow 726 #f7dd68 lt topaz
Gold 729 #e3b344 md old gold
Dk Green 699 #005922 green
Lt Brown 434 #8c602a lt brown
Lt Blue 827 #acd4e9 vy lt blue
NA Not Available
* Color samples and names are for DMC floss.