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Free Patterns Now Available in PDF format. 1/06/2010
The Free Patterns page now offers all patterns in PDF format. To download a pattern in PDF format, simply click Download as .PDF button  located on each pattern.


Conversions added for Sullivans Floss 11/17/2009
The Floss Conversion Charts, Floss Conversion Calculator, and Floss Checklist now include conversions for Sullivans floss. Now you can cross-reference Sullivans numbers to DMC, Anchor, or J & P Coats.


New Cross Stitch Patterns Directory 2/07/2009

Cyberstitchers now includes a searchable Cross Stitch Patterns Directory featuring over 20,000 patterns from over 1,000 different books, leaflets, and magazines. The directory can be browsed by either pattern title or publication. All publications include a convenient "Find On EBay" link that searches for the item on eBay .

The information in the directory is a combination from my own personal collection that I've gathered over the years and the Cross Stitch Magazine Database which was graciously donated to Cyberstitchers by Taneya Koonce.


Candamar Conversions Now Available 11/23/2008
The Conversion Charts, Conversion Calculator, and Floss Checklist have been updated to include Candamar numbers. Now you can cross-reference Candamar numbers to DMC, Anchor, or J & P Coats. Or if you have a chart with Candamar numbers, try the Conversion calculator to quickly convert all the numbers in one chart to DMC, Anchor, or J & P Coats.


Configuring Interent Explorer 7 for Gallery Editing 2/04/2007

With the release of Internet Explorer 7, some of the editing functions within the Gallery Editor will no longer function. This includes selecting "custom" options from menus and seeing a preview of images prior to upload. This also affects people who are using FireFox or Mozilla browsers. Fortunately, if you are using Internet Explorer, you can get the same functionality back by adding as a "Trusted Site". To this, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options.

2. Click Security tab.

Click Trusted Sites icon.

Click Sites button.

Uncheck Require server verification checkbox.

Enter in the text box labeled Add this website to the zone.

Click the Add button.

Click the Close button.

Click OK.

Click image to enlarge



New Finishing Technique: Ribbon Bookmark 11/26/2006
Have a small project that you want to use as a bookmark? Try this new Finishing Technique that allows you to turn your stitched project into a bookmark using only some ribon and a piece of felt.


New Finishing Technique: Mini Banner Ornament 11/25/2006
This new Finishing Technique provides instructions for creating a Mini Banner Ornament.


Where In the World Map Updated 3/05/2006
The Where in The World map has been updated to use Google Maps which provides detailed maps of the world with the ability to zoom in on any location. You can also find the home state/province of a gallery ownder by clicking the new Locate On World Map  button located at the bottom of the gallery entrance page along with the other geographical information about the gallery.


New Finishing Technique: Perforated Paper Bookmark 12/31/2005
This new Finishing Technique provides instructions for creating bookmarks from perforated paper or plastic cross stitch projects.


Pictures of completed free patterns! 8/20/2005
The Free Patterns page now includes pictures of the completed pattern for some of our over 600 free patterns.


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