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Celebrations to Cross Stitch & Craft | Cover: Just Say Whoa
Cover: Just Say Whoa
PublisherLeisure Arts, Inc.
Publication MonthWin
Publication Year1994
8 Patterns
Blah Buster
Designed by Linda Gillum
Description: Two smiling suns with a rainbow between them with the words.
123w x 28h
Heart Pillow
Designed by Linda Culp Calhoun
Description: A heart with a pink rose and verse.
95w x 85h
Designed by Jane Chandler
Description: Four teddy bears sitting in antique wagon in front of a quilt.
99w x 111h
Just Say Whoa
Designed by Polly Carbonari
Description: A cowboy riding a bucking horse with words.
74w x 88h
New Year's Sampler
Designed by Kooler Design Studio
Description: Alphabet letters, birds, pineapples, squirrels, rabbits, vines, and words.
125w x 167h
Sentimental Sachets
Designed by Ann Townsend
Description: Five delicate pastel floral sachet designs.
45w x 45h
Designed by Kathie Rueger
Description: Nine tic-tac-toe grid blocks include snowflakes, snowman head, snowman middle, snowman bottom, and letters "Ski".
86w x 93h
Victorian Valentine Frame
Designed by Kathy Elrod
Description: A perforated paper photo frame with hearts.
57w x 71h