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Just Cross Stitch - Christmas Ornaments | Cover: Various Christmas Ornaments
Cover: Various Christmas Ornaments
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication Year2003
74 Patterns
A Candle for Saint Lucia
Designed by Rae Iverson
84w x 170h
A Christmas Partridge
Designed by Carolyn Meacham
57w x 48h
A Gift of Love
Designed by Judy Whitman
55w x 20h
A Needleworker's Pocket
Designed by Ellen Chester
53w x 52h
A Well Wrapped Tree
Designed by Cheryl Walker
40w x 63h
All is Calm
Designed by Patti Connor
58w x 58h
Angel Ornament 2003
Designed by Sheepish Designs
45w x 45h
Antique Ornament Needleroll
Designed by Sue Stokes
35w x 68h
Beaded Holiday Bellpull
Designed by Lynne Hermanson
38w x 66h
Candy Cane Stocking
Designed by Blackbird Designs
25w x 55h
Cedar Waxwing at Christmas
Designed by Katherine Moser
70w x 69h
Designed by Thea Dueck
30w x 30h
Christmas Acorn
Designed by Vicki Hastings
39w x 51h
Christmas Angel
Designed by Laura Doyle
40w x 42h
Christmas Day Play
Designed by Lynn's Prints
55w x 56h
Christmas Joy
Designed by Jan Fate
56w x 57h
Christmas Kaleidoscope
Designed by Linda Hinckley
70w x 81h
Christmas Love
Designed by Abby Middleton
53w x 53h
Christmas Ornament 2003
54w x 70h
Christmas Star
Designed by Catherine Strickler
30w x 30h
Christmas Tree Heart
Designed by Susan Ebright
23w x 23h
Danish Candy Cane
Designed by Lynda Baldauf
101w x 73h
Dash Away
Designed by Elizabeth Talledo
65w x 66h
Feliz Flamingo
Designed by Jeanette Barney Rees
59w x 51h
Festive Rose
Designed by Dorothy Gilchrist
36w x 34h
Frosty Nights
Designed by Karon Killian
39w x 68h
Hardanger Christmas
Designed by Linda Driskell
71w x 71h
Herald Angels
Designed by Pamela Byrd Smith
33w x 57h
Holly Heart
Designed by Linda Connors
70w x 66h
Home for the Holidays
Designed by Cecelia Turner
50w x 51h
I Love Christmas
54w x 69h
Jasmine's Star
Designed by Lori Markovic
55w x 55h
Designed by Mary McLenon-Turley
49w x 49h
Joy Christmas Needleroll
Designed by Jeanette Douglas
25w x 38h
Joy Mini Stocking
Designed by Margaret Lee Rigiel
53w x 82h
Joy to You
Designed by Kathy Barrick-Dieter
40w x 38h
Joy, Peace, Love
Designed by Elizabeth Foster
40w x 40h
Just a Little Snowman
Designed by Ruth Sparrow
60w x 70h
Kni Wit Snowy Guy
30w x 73h
36w x 35h
Merry Christmas
Designed by Nancy Boyarsky
40w x 40h
Merry Christmas
Designed by Nancy Sturgeon
70w x 70h
Nativity Knot
Designed by Lauren Sauer
97w x 97h
No Square Santas Here
39w x 44h
Designed by Bent Creek, Inc.
30w x 66h
Patriotic Snowman
Designed by The Stitchworks, Ltd.
49w x 48h
Designed by Lizzie Kate, Inc.
39w x 19h
Peace Heart
Designed by Charland Garvin
72w x 72h
Pears Christmas
Designed by Marie Barber
60w x 65h
Designed by Betsy Stinner
24w x 24h
Pray for Peace
Designed by R & R Reproductions
58w x 58h
Quaker Christmas Bulb
Designed by The Workbasket
67w x 70h
Sadie Snowflake
Designed by Diane Arthurs
49w x 68h
Designed by Margaret McKee Huey
65w x 65h
Santa in the Box
Designed by Pat Thode
57w x 70h
Santa in the Pines
Designed by Sandra Cox Vanosdall
40w x 44h
Santa's on his Way
Designed by Gail Bussi
28w x 68h
Santa's Stash
Designed by Lynda Watkins
57w x 34h
Simple Christmas Heart
Designed by Mosey N Me
45w x 65h
Simply Scandinavian Hardanger Ornament
Designed by Roz Watnemo
37w x 37h
Sleigh Bird
Designed by Cynthia Daly Bradford
62w x 64h
Snow Puppy
Designed by Sherrie Stepp Aweau
70w x 70h
Snowman With Wreath
Designed by Ursula Michael
42w x 46h
Starry Santa
Designed by Sandra Sullivan
34w x 51h
Stars in the Pines
Designed by Karen Kluba
60w x 60h
The Gingerbrerad Man
Designed by Pamela Kellogg
64w x 63h
Three to Snow
73w x 66h
Time of Wonder
Designed by Julia Lucas
42w x 57h
To Thee Peace
Designed by Brightneedle Designs
47w x 73h
Twinkling Angel
Designed by Barbara Rakosnik
44w x 43h
Victorian Christmas Tree
Designed by Sue Hillis Designs
35w x 56h
Winter Whitetail
Designed by Barbara Peterson
69w x 69h
Winter's Gem
Designed by Mary Ann Mongillo
28w x 28h
Wiseman Came
Designed by Shepherd's Bush
41w x 40h