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The Cross Stitcher | Cover: Violet Pillow
Cover: Violet Pillow
PublisherAmos Craft Publishing
Publication MonthJun
Publication Year2009
24 Patterns
A Little Garden
Designed by Gail Bussi
61w x 142h
Butterfly Mousepad
Designed by Pamela Calkins
98w x 93h
Comtemporary Wedding Sampler
Designed by Diane Selby
94w x 114h
Designed by Margaret Geaslen Kohl
105w x 76h
Folk Art Fantasy
Designed by Lettie Eckberg
120w x 100h
Friendship and Love
Designed by Lois Winston
94w x 83h
Garden Seat
Designed by Janis Lockhart
81w x 103h
Happy Holly Days
Designed by Lynda Orme
18w x 30h
Jesus Love Me
Designed by Ursula Michael
65w x 86h
Kiss the Cook
Designed by Rhona Norrie
56w x 84h
Lemonade Stand
Designed by Melinda Medeiros
74w x 92h
Designed by Roberta Belanger
110w x 119h
Log Cabin
Designed by Lois Winston
54w x 64h
Designed by Margaret Geaslen Kohl
104w x 85h
Princess in Training
Designed by Lois Winston
72w x 70h
Slow and Steady
Designed by Janis Lockhart
75w x 39h
Strawberry Goodness
Designed by Rhonda Brice
59w x 83h
Summer Bellpull
Designed by Joanne Gatenby
79w x 229h
Vegetable Trinket Cards - Carrots
33w x 57h
Vegetable Trinket Cards - Lemon
33w x 57h
Vegetable Trinket Cards - Radish
57w x 33h
Vegetable Trinket Cards - Strawberry
33w x 57h
Violet Pillow
Designed by Lois Winston
105w x 105h
Violet Sachet
Designed by Lois Winston
43w x 53h