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Back Magazine Treasures in Needlework
PublisherCraftways Corporation
Publication MonthSummer
Publication Year1992
7 Patterns
A Lady Slipper
Designed by Diane Brakefield
Description: Small cross-stitch flower motif to be monted on sewn shoe (instructions included). To be used as a pin cushion. Co-designed by Carol Pladsen.
13w x 40h
English Sampler
Designed by Sandy Orton
Description: Fabulous design inspired by traditional English band samplers. Includes manny different types of stitches incl. Pulled & drawn therad work.
102w x 336h
Garden Pals
Designed by Lorri Birmingham
Description: Lorrie's Rabbits & bears having fun and playing. Many different designs to make complete interior for baby's room.
138w x 78h
Growth Chart
Designed by Lorri Birmingham
Description: Growth chart design with rabbits and teddy bears.
110w x 486h
Hardanger Showpieces
Designed by Linda Abel
Description: Small doily & apron insert.
Recollections from Grandma's Life
Designed by Michael Goldberg
Description: 4 different monochromatic (red) designs: 1) Man giving woman flowers. 2) Woman cooking in old-fashioned kitchen. 3) Old woman sitting in from of open fire. 4) Standing woman knitting.
106w x 58h
Santa's Labor of Love
Designed by Donna Yuen
Description: Santa checking off a long list. He has a sack of toys over his shoulder and is lighting his way with a candle. Surrounded by a holly border. Adaptation of a Virginia Kylberg illustration.
166w x 250h