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Just Cross Stitch - Christmas Ornaments | Cover: Various Christmas Ornaments
Cover: Various Christmas Ornaments
PublisherHoffman Media, LLC
Publication Year2017
69 Patterns
2017 Bell
Designed by Lisa Lambson
52w x 56h
2017 Christmas Banner
Designed by WDC Needlework Design
55w x 81h
2017 Christmas Bauble
Designed by Patricia Bage
58w x 66h
2017 Holiday Heart
Designed by Susie Porter
30w x 30h
2017 Victorian Christmas
35w x 35h
A Forest of Trees
Designed by Judy Whitman
25w x 42h
A Savior Has Been Born
Designed by Debbie Booth
53w x 84h
Designed by Jennifer Aikman-Smith
39w x 10h
Beaded Joy
Designed by Kathy Bungard
70w x 68h
Designed by Elizabeth Gorski
59w x 38h
Believe in Santa
Designed by Cheryl Granda
68w x 68h
Blame it on the Elves
Designed by Susan Greening Davis
42w x 45h
Christmas Birdhouse
Designed by Lois Winston
43w x 54h
Christmas Carousel
Designed by Isabella Abbiati
69w x 70h
Christmas Feed Sack
Designed by Beth Ann Seal
41w x 41h
Christmas Mittens
Designed by Jemini Designs
17w x 24h
Christmas Stocking
Designed by Kimberly Nugent
53w x 70h
Classic Christmas Trio - Reindeer
Designed by Sharon Pope
54w x 54h
Classic Christmas Trio - Santa
Designed by Sharon Pope
54w x 54h
Classic Christmas Trio - Tree with Presents
Designed by Sharon Pope
54w x 54h
Dashing Through the Snow
Designed by Praiseworthy Stitches
39w x 24h
Dragonfly Joy
Designed by Kathy Hackford
39w x 40h
European Robin
Designed by Lesley Teare
48w x 47h
Frosty Friends
Designed by Belinda Karls-Nace
37w x 57h
Gilded Snowflake
Designed by Debbie Rowley
41w x 41h
Designed by Nicoletta Farrauto
34w x 29h
Hardanger Sparkle
Designed by Roz Watnemo
30w x 30h
Hardanger Tree
Designed by Lisa Harris
66w x 70h
Hats Off to the Holidays
Designed by Patti Connor
48w x 48h
Ho Ho Ho
Designed by Jan Fate
58w x 68h
Designed by Cathy Habermann
59w x 31h
Joyous Angels
Designed by Frony Ritter
36w x 36h
Let It Snow
Designed by Lynda Keske
64w x 69h
Little Purse
Designed by Giulia Manfredini
39w x 41h
Mannie & Zeb
Designed by Cissy Bailey Smith
61w x 77h
Merry & Bright
Designed by Lucie Heaton
29w x 30h
Merry Christmas
Designed by Louise Henderson
64w x 47h
Modern Nordic
Designed by Tracy Horner
45w x 45h
Oh, Holy Night
Designed by Deborah Dick
69w x 69h
On the Runway
Designed by Sarah Richards
55w x 89h
Designed by Lesley Teare
48w x 47h
Designed by Wendy Peatross
41w x 70h
Penguins at Play
Designed by Charlotte Smyth
28w x 63h
Prim St. Nick
Designed by Simona Bussiglieri
57w x 44h
Quartet of Country Ornaments - Lantern
Designed by Jennifer Rodriguez
26w x 40h
Quartet of Country Ornaments - Mitten
Designed by Jennifer Rodriguez
30w x 38h
Quartet of Country Ornaments - Stocking
Designed by Jennifer Rodriguez
30w x 38h
Quartet of Country Ornaments - Tree
Designed by Jennifer Rodriguez
30w x 39h
Red Bird
Designed by Elizabeth Foster
47w x 47h
Rocking a New Holiday Hat
Designed by Amy Bruecken
44w x 48h
Rustic Noel
Designed by Gunay Uyan
19w x 43h
Santa 2017
Designed by Needle Bling Designs
51w x 71h
Santa's Coming
Designed by Caroline Seldon
34w x 51h
Seaside Christmas
Designed by Nancy Greenberg
78w x 43h
Shades of Green
Designed by Janet Bryant - Groves
47w x 47h
Shepherd's Glory
Designed by Deborah Fasano
56w x 74h
Silver & Gold
Designed by Elizabeth Almond
38w x 38h
Singing Elf
Designed by Linda Medina
22w x 73h
Designed by Carolyn Manning
32w x 39h
Snow Much Fun at the North Pole
39w x 40h
Starry St. Nick
Designed by Jamie Kile
63w x 53h
Sweet Christmas 2017
Designed by Maria Teresa Vitali
39w x 65h
They Followed the Star
Designed by Nancy Wahler
41w x 31h
Under the Mistletoe
23w x 32h
Very Merry
Designed by Lizzie Kate, Inc.
43w x 39h
Warm Hands, Warm Heart
Designed by Laura Rimola
40w x 42h
Welcome, King
Designed by Karen Kluba
35w x 34h
Winter Cardinal
Designed by Eileen Gurak
36w x 55h
Winter Wishes
Designed by Alice Okon
51w x 61h